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During the early sixties the idea of producing an all hydraulic excavator was conceived by a London entrepreneur, Peter Hamilton. This idea was based on an earlier visit to the United States where he had seen the hy-hoe excavator working. He anticipated that there would be a market for this in the UK.


An agreement was reached with hy-hoe and the first ten units were shipped to the UK in kit form assembled and sold very quickly.


At the same time, hy-hoe in America were experiencing financial difficulties, as a result of this Peter Hamilton purchased the manufacturing rights of the excavator, Hymac then became an excavator manufacturer in its own right.


Full production commenced in South Wales in 1962.


During the following three decades Hymac expanded and developed its range of hydraulic machinery and so became the market leader with both volume sales in the United Kingdom and worldwide, with some sixteen thousand units being produced.


In the early nineties following a succession of ownership changes the decision was taken to cease production. However, it soon became apparent that there remained an ongoing requirement for the supply of Hymac spare parts and service worldwide which resulted in the formation Hymac Parts and Service Ltd. to fill the gap in the market.

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