2020 Calendar Gift Set

  • This extremely interesting and collectible gift set incliudes:

    Hymac Calendar: 

    A4 quality bound calendar, produced from unique original Hymac images from the late 1960’s a fascinating look back in time at this most famous British excavator manufacturer

    Behind the Hymac Booklet: 

    16 pages plus a special double page pull out. With the original artwork included as a laminated cover. Containing rare images inside and out of Hymac’s manufacturing facilities in the UK during the sixties and seventies.

    Hymac Progress Report:

    8 black and white pages detailing Hymac’s progress within the scrap metal industry in the late sixties and early seventies, interesting to read and nice pictures to view.

    Specification & Price List:

    Detailed information about the Hymac products available in the late sixties. Including the Hymac 380, 410, 480, 580B, 580T plus accessories. A real glimpse into the pricing and capabilities of Hymac at the time.